ARCS Purchase

The ARCS can be purchased for $110 (Australian dollars) per annum, which provides unlimited use of the test within your practice for one year from the date of purchase. The license has to be renewed annually.

The ARCS package includes the following components:

  • Two ARCS MP3 audio files, i.e. one main file and another file intended for repeat testing
  • The ARCS patient response booklet, used in conjunction with both MP3 audio files
  • Templates to create transparencies for scoring the clock drawing and memory recognition trials
  • Administration and scoring manuals
  • A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet scoring program to compute demographically adjusted cognitive profiles, including manual and quick start guide
  • Licence agreement

To purchase a one year license for ARCS, please click the BUY NOW button below. Note that by clicking this button, you will be redirected to the Newcastle Innovation Online Shop web site, which will automatically open in a new window. Newcastle Innovation is the commercial arm of the University of Newcastle in Australia.