About ARCS

The ARCS is a scientifically proven system for assessing cognition in patients that can be easily conducted at a General Practitioner's practice. The screening test is undertaken by the patient unsupervised in less than 40 minutes.

The ARCS package includes the following components:

  • Two ARCS MP3 audio files, i.e. one main file and another file intended for repeat testing
  • The ARCS patient response booklet, used in conjunction with both MP3 audio files
  • Templates to create transparencies for scoring the clock drawing and memory recognition trials
  • Administration and scoring manuals
  • A Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet scoring program that computes demographically adjusted cognitive profiles

Note that a MP3 audio player with headphones and two pens (not pencils) are required to conduct the test.

Administration of the ARCS does not require a computer, allowing testing of patients with low computer skills.

To successfully administer the ARCS, patients need a chair and a desk in a quiet room free from any distractions. Listening to the audio file, patients record their responses in the corresponding booklet. The booklet is provided in PDF format to allow for unlimited copies to be reprinted during the licence period.

The ARCS test takes the patient around 35 minutes to complete. Scoring by the clinician takes about three minutes.

The ARCS allows clinicians to generate a sophisticated cognitive profile in just a few minutes, making it an effective option to detect early stage dementia such as Alzheimer's Disease.

If a patient requires retesting, a slightly different audio file is included to minimise practice effects.

To get a better understanding of ARCS, you can listen to an example from an ARCS audio test here: